Auto-Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

Auto-Cup Filling & Sealing Machine Auto-Cup Filling & Sealing Machine YEOU SHING Automatic Cup Filling Machine

1 Concise & nice Control Panel including the indicating light point of each proceeding movement on the machine for better understanding of each step. All the switchs required for regulating based on individual demand are centered on the same Control Panel for better reference. The stainless steel made external box meets the sanitary requirement.
5 The transparent acrylic fiber made anti-dust cover can reduce the possibility of second contamination of well -filled material in the cup and keep the clean product.
2 To adopt mechanical take-out design to take the cup from Cup Stand automatically and drop the cup precisely on the proceeding mold.
6 Waste-Foil Recovering Stand is collect well the remaining foil after cutting.
3 To adopt high quality stainless steel made actuator with scotch-yoke system to control filling volume. This device is more precise on filling control without extra especial maintenance and more durable and suitable for semi-sticky and good-fluidity liquid filing.
7 The Coding Machine is to adopt indirect and pneumatic drive type. The making speed is up to max. 40 times per minute. The finished letter is clear and stable.

4 The level control device is installed on the filling tank. When the liquid descends, the level control device will inform the pump to transport the liquid from storage tank.

8 Auto-Arm Robot and Outlet Conveyor Belt. The well-sealed cup is moved out from the proceeding mold by the Arm Robot and delivered to Outlet Conveyor Belt for next packing step. The devices are suitable for beverage or drink in big cup adoption after sealing operation for fear of deformed cup or broken sealing foil because the ready-cup drops directly from the machine.



MODEL YS-302-3 YS-302-4 YS-302-6 YS-302-8
Production capacity 54 cup/min 72 cup/min 108 cup/min 144 cup/min
Main motor 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP
Waste foil recovering motor 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Air pressure 7 Kg/cm2 7 Kg/cm2 7 Kg/cm2 7 Kg/cm2
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 3300 x 800 x 1600 m/m 3300 x 900 x 1600 m/m 3300 x 1100 x 1600 m/m 3300 x 1300 x 1600 m/m
Heater 300 W x 6 300 W x 8 300 W x 12 300 W x 16
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